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New article in the Telegraph in Uk about bathing in Budapest
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The world economy crisis will drive SZIGET festival into some new areas in 2009.

The organizing team is counting on more foreign travellers to spend their euros in Budapest, so beside the airport link, they will send out ‘party-trains’ to Netherlands, Germany and France. SZIGET visitors can board on the trains and get the party feeling on their way to Hungary on train.

The Hungaricum Village is also gonna be a new attractions, it is a small skanzen like hungarian village on a 1 acre area with hungarian culinary, wines, handcraft arts and artists.

SZIGET 2009 will offer more VIP campsite than in 2008.

For foreign visitors SZIGET is going to offer more foreign concerts and bands , like Die Toten Hosen, Fatboy Slim, Armin van Buuren, The Offsprings, Placebo, Ska-P and many more


Balaton airport reopens

Balaton Airport in Sarmellek reopened on 4th of Apr as the Lufthansa charter arrived with 32 guests onboard.
Jonathan Moore, the managing director of the airport said they're planning more visitor this year than the 110.000 last year, although right now only the Lufthansa will fly to Sarmellek from Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt 3times a week.
Beside the regular traffic, there are several charter flights only.
The Ryanair deal, which drove the majority of the traffic in the past, is still under talks.


Easter Festival in Matyoland

Thinking about going somewhere for this easter?
Check out our latest offer , 4days/3nights in capital of 'matyoland' Mezokovesd only for 133euro with breakfast, accommodation, tour guide, airport pickup and free entry to the thermal bath.

Mezokovesd is a nice town only about 150kms from Budapest, has highway and train connection to the capital city.
Mezokovesd mainly known for its folk art, called 'matyo', so the people livin' here are matyos.
The matyo folk style is very rich in colors, but can seen only in museum or holidays like easter in real life.
The old part of Mezokovesd , the 'Hadas', with small peasant houses from the 18-19th centuries, is the major place of the easter events, like the traidional folk dance show and all the houses will open to see how its owner (usually a handcraft artist) do his/her job. You can see or try if you wanna.

Once you are tired of the folk stuff, jump into the relaxing hot thermal water at the local Zsory thermal bath and pool, or book one of our optional tour to nearby Eger, to see the fortress and the wineries, or Miskolc to visit the unique cave thermal bath and for a relaxing walk in the forest of Bukk in Lillafured.

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Hegyalja music festival tokaj

It is gonna be the 10th anniversary of the Hegyalja music festival
15-19th July 2009.

This is kinda like a 'small' SZIGET, held in the traditional wine region Tokaj in a summer camp on the shore of the river Tisza.
The directors made up a quite interesting list of concerts and bands like :
- Faithless, Machine Head, Basement Jaxx,Transglobal Undergound,Roni Size,N.O.H.A.
but there will be more rock concerts, trash metal bands, hungarians as well.
And many more not only music concerts...

You can put up your tent or looking for a nice hotel/pansion/guesthouse in the area.

How to get there? From Budapest by Intercity train to Debrecen (via Miskolc) or normal train to Miskolc with exchange to Nyiregyhaza. (cost around 3230-4800HUF depends on train).
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Tickets : 4day pass - 17900 HUF (if you order now only 12500)
daily ticket - 6900 HUF
tent ticket is included in the weekly pass, other 900HUF (the number of tents are limited!)
children under 14 can enter FREE with adult supervision.


New attraction in Budapest

Hopefully from this summer, you can decide
to do the sightseeing tour a bit different than before in Budapest, Hungary.

A hungarian company called RiverRide, purchased its first amphibious coach, so the first part of the tour is the same old routine, but than the bus simply splash into the Danube and works as a boat. After the watery expedition, the bus is going to climb up the rivershore and stuck in the traffic jam :-)

The coach is a luxury tourist bus, normally run with gasoline, but has an additional engine, kinda like a speedboat, and the waterjet engine makes the bus as fast as a normal boat in the water.

You can save some money with the prices as well, since you have to buy only 1ticket, adults 7000HUF, children 5000HUF (HUF means hungarian forint).

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